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8 Warning Signs Mom and Dad Are Getting Old

Elder Care Community

Holidays are a time when a range of emotions get stirred up. Like homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing, emotions are often a mixture of ingredients. Excitement, joy sadnessand stress can all be part of the family recipe.

 Many adult children must face a changing reality and confront their own anxiety and grief as their parents lose strength and independence. These changes are often more prominent around holiday time, particularly for adult children who live a distance from their parents. It’s easy to overreact when you haven’t seen your folks in a while and they appear distracted, confused or frail.

 How do you differentiate changes in behavior that are part of normal aging vs. illness or decline? Holidays can provide an opportunity to observe your parents and identify ways to help them live as safely and independently as possible. In order to best care for your parents, you must…

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The first OFF ROAD walker has arrived in the United States

Elegant and practical offroader

Designed especially for outdoor use, but can also be used inside

The tires are made for comfortable driving on rough foundations like cobblestone or dirt roads.
Spacious basket with slipcover. The basket carries up to 10 kilos.
Made from materials that tolerate all kinds of weather.
Easy to clean, just hose down or steam.
Easy to fold and unfold. Height adjustment with memory function.
Excellent brakes, kerb lifters and edge guard.
Safe to use and practical when crossing thresholds, kerbs etc.
Easy to operate brakes.
Folds easily together and requires little space.
The rollator folds together by pulling the strap on the seat.
Stands steadily on its wheels when folded.
Takes up little space when stored.
Practical to transport. Excellent for users who travel by car, bus, train or airplane.

How to Help a Loved One with Reduced Mobility


Mobility is independence. Losing the ability to move about on your own is the equivalent to losing a portion of our independence. Those who find themselves with decreasing mobility not only battle with the physical effects of their condition, but the emotional effects of their condition as well. As their loved ones, we find ourselves in an important position of helping them meet their day-to-day needs as well as working with them to overcome the emotional stress of having to reinvent the way they interact with their day.

Tackling this monumental task can, at first, be daunting. Without prior training or experience, many people go about providing in-home care service to their loved ones by reading bits and pieces on the internet or talking to a doctor. But, when it comes to finding ways to make their home more enjoyable with their new limitations, has a few helpful hints…

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Baby Boomers

Scott Bonney

ImageDo “Baby Boomers” drive Real Estate booms?

Some economist link the buying habits of “baby boomers” to the demand for homes in this country. Since most “boomers” have already bought their homes, they conclude, the demand for housing is declining, along with the rapid appreciation in real estate during the last decade.

This argument presumes that the population will stabilize or decline as these potential buyers age and their children grow up. What is left out of such a picture is that the emerging real estate market is made up of people who are immigrating to this country. When these newcomers have achieved a stable income, they look for the best living situation they can find, often preferring buying to renting.

Real estate continues to be an attractive investment opportunity. If you are sitting out the current market because you are afraid that the appreciation won’t continue, you may want…

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Safe walkers and walker training also decrease falls

Dr. Leslie Greenberg's Blog

There are many treatments to decrease falls in the elderly that’ve been not helpful.   Home-based and group exercise intervention programs help the most (for elderly living in their own home)!    A second factor to reduce falls is “home safety interventions” when done by occupational therapists.

Treatments which have not been shown to help are

  • walking programs,
  • hormone replacement therapy, and
  • adjustment of medication regimens,
  • cognitive behavioral therapy,
  • vision improvement interventions, and
  • withdrawal of psychotropic drugs,
  • vitamin D supplementation, and
  • nutritional therapy.

The above information was collected by the 2012 Cochrane Database.  These combined studies performed in 21 countries and included 79,193 patients.  Other specifics include the fact that vitamin D supplementation only helped decrease falls they were vitamin D deficient.

The most successful exercise programs included more than one of the following techniques gait training, balance training, functional training, muscle strength/resistance training, tai chi, walking and 3-D training which is…

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Can I really find a job at my age? Baby Boomer Women

What's For Work?

An interview with Mary Eileen Williams

Joining us today is Mary Eileen Williams, founder of The Feisty Side of Fifty / Baby Boomer Women, and she’s here to share her perspective on women over fifty in the job market today.

1. Are those over fifty uniquely qualified to solve challenges in the workplace, compared to their younger peers?

Although each age group embodies certain attributes that make positive contributions to the workforce, older employees boast unique strengths that only age and maturity bring. Three of these valuable qualities are perspective, people skills, and a mature work ethic.

Years of experience create a certain “I’ve seen this before” perspective, which enables mature employees to deal with upsetting circumstances more easily then their younger counterparts. The first few times one encounters a disgruntled customer, a difficult coworker, or an unexpected delay effecting an important deadline, the experience can be unnerving and…

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