Can I really find a job at my age? Baby Boomer Women

What's For Work?

An interview with Mary Eileen Williams

Joining us today is Mary Eileen Williams, founder of The Feisty Side of Fifty / Baby Boomer Women, and she’s here to share her perspective on women over fifty in the job market today.

1. Are those over fifty uniquely qualified to solve challenges in the workplace, compared to their younger peers?

Although each age group embodies certain attributes that make positive contributions to the workforce, older employees boast unique strengths that only age and maturity bring. Three of these valuable qualities are perspective, people skills, and a mature work ethic.

Years of experience create a certain “I’ve seen this before” perspective, which enables mature employees to deal with upsetting circumstances more easily then their younger counterparts. The first few times one encounters a disgruntled customer, a difficult coworker, or an unexpected delay effecting an important deadline, the experience can be unnerving and…

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