Baby Boomers

Scott Bonney

ImageDo “Baby Boomers” drive Real Estate booms?

Some economist link the buying habits of “baby boomers” to the demand for homes in this country. Since most “boomers” have already bought their homes, they conclude, the demand for housing is declining, along with the rapid appreciation in real estate during the last decade.

This argument presumes that the population will stabilize or decline as these potential buyers age and their children grow up. What is left out of such a picture is that the emerging real estate market is made up of people who are immigrating to this country. When these newcomers have achieved a stable income, they look for the best living situation they can find, often preferring buying to renting.

Real estate continues to be an attractive investment opportunity. If you are sitting out the current market because you are afraid that the appreciation won’t continue, you may want…

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