8 Warning Signs Mom and Dad Are Getting Old

Elder Care Community

Holidays are a time when a range of emotions get stirred up. Like homemade cranberry sauce and stuffing, emotions are often a mixture of ingredients. Excitement, joy sadnessand stress can all be part of the family recipe.

 Many adult children must face a changing reality and confront their own anxiety and grief as their parents lose strength and independence. These changes are often more prominent around holiday time, particularly for adult children who live a distance from their parents. It’s easy to overreact when you haven’t seen your folks in a while and they appear distracted, confused or frail.

 How do you differentiate changes in behavior that are part of normal aging vs. illness or decline? Holidays can provide an opportunity to observe your parents and identify ways to help them live as safely and independently as possible. In order to best care for your parents, you must…

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