Month: February 2013

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Benefits Of Exercise For The Elderly

Even though relaxing and watching TV might seem like a good option to pass your time, still the numerous benefits of exercise should motivate you to incorporate it into your daily regimen.

Benefits of exercise
. Exercise improves blood circulation. This is turn will help keep you healthy and free of circulatory system diseases like coronary artery disease, blood pressure, heart failure, etc.
. Exercise decreases incidence of diabetes mellitus that plagues many elderly people.
. Exercise improves the flow of oxygen to the brain thus improving the short term memory.
. Exercise improves the cognitive function in the same manner.
. Exercise can help you sleep better.
. Mild exercises like walking can be extremely beneficial in case of osteoarthritis. The pain is reduced considerably and the functioning is improved. .Bone density can also be increased or maintained thus reducing the incidence of fractures and other bone related…

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Seniors staying active!!

Seniors staying active!!

The best build OUTDOOR walker in the world.

Wellness Shepherd

Please find below an article from about the importance of learning how to fall safely as one ages… worth reading…   Note:  There are more and more fall prevention/fall safety programs being offered in communities around North America…

Is it Possible to Fall Safely?
Dr. Rein Tideiksaar – February 18, 2013 10:18 AM

A safety concern expressed by elders and caregivers alike is the threat of falling and injury. In an attempt to prevent falling, many elders at risk (due to balance and other mobility problems), tend to limit their everyday movements and activities. Caregivers may act in similar fashion, believing that limiting an elder’s daily activities is the best way to avoid harmful falls. While this strategy may work in the short-term, as a preventive strategy, it’s a really bad idea. If elders move around too little, they may suffer a host of harmful consequences, which can actually…

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CarePatrol of Seattle

elderly person needing help

As one visits their aging loved ones, one may find signs of medical and mobility issues, questions relating to their physical safety, medical attention and  social and psychological well-being .
There are certain indicators which signify that intervention is necessary:
1.  Mail and bills are accumulating.  Mail can become overwhelming from the timeliness of payments to managing bank accounts.
2.  The house is no longer tidy and clean.  Parents that kept the house neat and clean may not be interested or care about its appearance any longer.
3.  Food is left uneaten or rotting in the refrigerator.  Shopping, cooking, and cleaning become a chore.  Appetites might diminish, resulting in a nutritional diet which can lead to weight loss.
4.  Burnt pots and pans.  This is often an indicator of short-term memory loss.  Not only is it a danger to your loved one but to the…

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Walk to Thrive

Walk to Thrive

Mall walker and Topro user Albert S. participated in Kaiser Permanente’s 1 year ‘Walk to Thrive’ anniversary. Together with 11th season ‘Biggest Loser’ winner Olivia Ward, Albert walked the one mile course at the Roseville Galleria with the Topro Troja 2G Premium Plus. “It gives me a sense of security and the integrated seat always gives me a resting opportunity when I need one”, Al commented. Mall walking has become increasingly popular all across the country. It offers walkers of all ages a safe and weather independent setting to walk, meet people and do a little window shopping.