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15 Real Life Tips To Better Take Care of Elderly Parents

(In no particular order)

1.If possible, have them live near or with you.

2.Check on them daily if they can still live and function independently.

3.Let them use Daily Medication Charts to check off their meds as they take them and to keep tally of the cups of liquids they drink so they do not get dehydrated. I have made up my own template based on my mom’s meds and I can just run copies off when I need them.

4.Ask them questions to check their memories.

5.Do a daily walk through of their home/apt. to make sure everything is working properly and in place.

6.Do a daily inspection of their face, how they’re walking, their demeanor, attitude, emotions.

7.Check their checkbooks and bills to make sure they are being paid on time.

8.Do a daily check of their…

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