Fall Prevention ~A simple step

Support for Seniors & their Families

Falliing Person Sign

Every year 1 out of every 3 adults over the age of 65 years falls … and the risk of falls increases with every year that passes.  By the time they are 80 years old the statistics are positively alarming  … with over 50% of our precious elderly falling on a regular basis.


These alarming statistics represent only the tip of the iceberg as … as long as they can still get up and limp around … many seniors do not report their falls.  As many families live at a distance from the seniors in their lives and the Sandwich Generation is … well … “sandwiched” and stressed … again many of the “falling-incidents” and their subsequent damage remain unnoticed or unreported.

Falls - slipping on a rugSeniors who fall are 2 – 3 Xmore likely to fall again so it behooves us … as responsible and concerned Caregivers and/or families to…

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