What To Do When Your Parents Are Getting Older [Tips]


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When my mother came to visit, I noticed that she wasn’t moving around like she used to. It took her longer to walk up and down the steps and I also noticed that she does things in consistent routine. She doesn’t remember alot and she’s become extremely sensitive about certain things. Now, don’t get me wrong, she’s still MY MAMA, but she’s not the same. Although mom is only 58, I’m realizing that she’s getting older and I’m concerned that she’ll need help getting around.

What are some warning signs that your parents are getting older? Maybe these tips will help out:

Change in eating habits/weight loss

As people age they may lose interest in cooking, especially if they live alone. My mom, who used to cook a four-course meal every night, is now happy with a frozen dinner or take out. In addition, loss of taste or diminished energy…

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