Elderproofing Our Home


“Each year, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls…fortunately, falls are a Public

Health problem that is largely preventable.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

With our own elder years looming before us, I have been guiding my husband in safety changes as he renovated our home.  We were lucky to get a head start because we completed some modifications in preparation for my parents’ arrival. Indeed, Home Safety Evaluations had been a major function of my years as a Home Health Nurse.

Symptom:  Elderly Often Find Performance of ADLs Difficult
As we age, we lose more of our functional ability for various reasons.  Arthritis and other debilities make ambulating more difficult.  Balance can become impaired. Medication side effects might cause dizziness or generalized weakness. The progression of many disease processes makes a potential fall a real threat.  Performing ADLs, or activities of daily living…

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