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Why have our Parents become targets for Elder Abuse?

Caring for Aging Parents

Mom's 90th Birthday

Financial scams involving our elderly parents are becoming an increasing problem throughout the  U.S.  Surprisingly, 90% of these financial crimes are committed by people who have personal access to your parents. They could include, relatives, caregivers, healthcare workers and attorneys. Why is it that our parents have become such targets for financial abuse?

Reason #1 Wealth concentration. Scam artists go where the money is. Forty-four percent of all wealth in America lies with older Americans. In addition, the concentration of people in this category is growing by 8,000 people per day as the baby boomers—those born after 1945 and prior to 1965—enter this peak wealth stage of their life in record numbers beginning in 2011.

Reason #2 Mental Capacity. As people get older those high-level thinking abilities required to  differentiate between a fraud and a legitimate transaction diminish. Studies show that between 15% and 35% of older Americans…

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Secure Your Old Age with Assisted Business Living

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Assisted Living in Service | Assisted Living Business

The business and your gesture towards it, makes a complete quality business. Business is not just a platform of working, but it is something which speaks; your power, your motto, your aim and ambition. It is very important and first note to make a good business approach in concerned and quality path. The business principles, and its strict working platform, teach a good discipline, and asks a good discipline maintenance into the work process. Business is all subject matter of risk and market cover. Despite of it, you have to play a good role in business making and arranging every subjects and risks cover to run equally and parallel concept.

How to Start Assisted Livibng Service?

After a certain age, the living needs a proper assistance, which can help in easy living. Assisted Living; helps you in getting an assisted living and care for the future concern. It has…

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Healthy Living

The Healthy Living Channel is a great place to get solid information about health and fitness.

Bruce and Sally Witt, the Team for YOU!

AARP’s Healthy Living channel provides news and information about fitness, diet, exercise, weight loss, alternative medicine, and natural remedies for a holistic health approach.

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5 Steps To Accepting In-Home Care

Home Instead Senior Care of Springfield, MA

Many times, our new clients sit, vulnerable and anxious, yet trying to be polite and accepting.  “I guess I need some help,” they say, “but I can’t imagine having strangers in my home.  I don’t think I would like that one bit.”

We understand that anxiety.  Our professional caregivers are actually anxious as well upon first meeting a new client.  They hope that the senior likes them, and finds them helpful, and they want so badly to make a good impression.  My advice to the family caregivers and loved ones who are trying to ease anxiety and convince someone to accept the help that is available is to make sure they follow these five steps:

  1. Acknowledge the Anxiety:Put yourself in their position and imagine someone coming into your home tomorrow and maybe going through your drawers, reviewing the meal options in your refrigerator, and possibly even helping you in…

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