What Will You Do With Retirement?

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Rocking Chair or Dancing Shoes?

Work retirement    Here are some interesting facts about the group we call the Baby Boomers – my group.  Did you know:

1.  There are about 76.4 million baby boomers.

2.  The average annual household earnings of boomers is $53,000.

3.  23% of boomers see finances as their biggest problem.

4.  83% of baby boomers say they will keep working after they “retire”.

5.  89% of boomers returned to work to stay active, not because they had to, financially.

6.  14% of those say they will never retire.

7.  There was a 14% decrease in younger workers in the 1990’s due to lower birth rates.  More jobs for older people.

8.  About 45% of companies in America have special positions just for mature workers.

9.  50% of companies will negotiate special arrangements so older people can work.

10.  Only about 22% of boomers will use retirement as a “winding down” period.

11. …

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