Month: October 2013

Here is a guide with some intresting recommendations when it comes to chosing a rollator. There are many models to chose from, but only a few if you want a premium walker or even a true outdoor walker. Educate yourself what your options are for your loved ones, you do not want to buy two rollators. It may be a good idea for a christmas gift to buy your parent a really nice premium rollator from Norway.


One of our happy customers, also the best customer of the Month.

Nice Blog from Amorcare

Amorcare Mobility

One of our happy customers, also the best customer of the Month.

Our hire service is going from strength to strength and we have had a good response to the holiday hire service with great deals.

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Design for mobility


At the moment, we are going through a huge period of transition. Our life as a family is heading in a new and somewhat unknown direction.

My continuing poor health is a major factor in all of this, and with me leaving my job as a lecturer, my focus is on being as well as I can be so my time and energy are spent on family and home life.
I have nerve damage in my pelvic area as a result of surgery and this will be ongoing for the rest of my life, so pain, fatigue and limited mobility are my main hurdles.

We have made the decision to put our house up for sale next year. As much as I love the bones of this place, I can’t continue with the remodelling and decorating the house still needs. Also the steep stairs and access to the property are…

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Assisted Living Consultants- Get Help to Start Assisted Living Business

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Assisted Living in Service | Assisted Living Business

Privacy is important. And one should not confuse the word with reclusion. While the former demands space, the latter means hiding oneself completely from the world. If one is seeking for a certain space in life then assisted living is the best option to accommodate oneself in the place where all the facilities are available. Assisted living consultantshelp in opening doors for those who have crossed a certain age and are almost approaching retirement. It is not imperative that only elderly can live in these residential care homes. As it has been said these homes are also meant for people seeking their personal time, therefore, certain arrangements like personal meals, transportation, housekeeping, and other necessities activities of daily living are provided.

The main purpose of these residential care homes is to offer assisted homes to the people. They are independent and have their own functional settings like that of…

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