Living the Healthy Life

Roxie Senior Care Services

Some cities provide people with better health than others. I remember my last trip to Los Angeles. I was on the outskirts of town and I remember seeing the skyline from where I was. I asked a friend of mine, “Why is it so cloudy?” He looked at me with disbelief on this face and said, “That’s not a cloud…it’s smog!” I was shocked because I had never witnessed smog like that first hand. I knew right away that although LA is a great city, it’s probably not one to live in if you want to breathe fresh, clean air on a regular basis.

Remembering this memory made me do a bit of research though because one of the first things my parents told me as they were preparing for their retirement was, “We want to live where the air is fresh!” Where did I go to obtain this information?…

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