Month: January 2014

45% of Internet Users 65 and Older Now On Facebook

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Are you feeling down that the holiday season is gone? Missing your family and friends? Wishing to recapture some of that cheer and goodwill? Like many internet users, you’re probably assuaging your post-holiday doldrums by hopping on social media.

According to Pew Research’s Social Media Update 2013, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media site, with 71% of online adults reporting that they have a profile. According to Pew Research, this is not a big change from last year, when 67% of online adults reported Facebook use.

pew research social media 2013 facebook use

What has changed more dramatically, however, is the number of users 65 and older who joined Facebook this year. According to the report, “usage among seniors has increased significantly in the last year. Some 45% of internet users age 65 or older now use Facebook, up from 35% who did so in late 2012.”

pew research social media 2013 user demographic

Reasons for this jump in usage…

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TOPRO donated 300 rollators to the Red Cross



The Norwegian company TOPRO decided to donate their surplus stock of their out fading rollator models to the Red Cross. The Red Cross in the province Oppland in Norway, where TOPRO is located, has had a co-operation with the Red Cross in Central Bosnia for almost 5 years. The donation of rollators is by far the largest donation the Red Cross in Bosnia-Herzegovina has received after the civil war, says Miriam Lovrinovic, leader of the Red Cross in Central Bosnia. The donation has a street value of about € 100 000.

TOPRO’s export manager, Josien Bouwman, was present when the first rollators where handed out in Bosnia. She says it made a big impression on her to see how the rollators changed people’s lives. There are hardly any walking aids available. Those that exist are old and not very useful. The TOPRO rollators will be the property of the Red Cross and lent out to people.