Month: February 2014

10 Reason Why to choose a 4-Wheel Rollator Over a 2-Wheel Walker


1. Feeling More Confident!

Elderly who have used 4-wheel walkers have said that they go out walking more often.  They feel more confident going on walks and their weight is distributed more evenly. Senior citizens feel safer and dare to walk more often!

2. Less Falls!

On a study done at Central Michigan University on elderly women, it showed that 1/3 of the women who were given a new 4-wheeled walker had not fallen since.  Of the women who fell, the walker was not the reason, there had been other consequences.

3. Feels Normal!

Users of 4-wheel walkers feel like they are walking more naturally then those who use 2-wheeled walkers.

4. Rest Anywhere and Everywhere!

On 4-wheel rollator walkers, there is a seat so those who get tired easily and need to take a quick break can do this easier.  Plus, the wheels make it easy to swing it around your body so you can sit with out having to walk in a circle to find the seat.

5. Easier to Stay Active!

With the more natural walking feeling when using a rollator walker, it’s easier for senior citizens to be more active and WANT to stay active!  Staying active reduces the risks of fractures, which are very common in the elderly.

6. Enjoy the Outdoors!

The rollator walkers have a lot more mobility than 2 wheel-walkers making it easier get get around outside!  Makes it easier to walk around gardens, or parks when with grandchildren.

7. Get Healthy!

Those with a 4-wheel rollator walker find it easier to get around, giving them more motivation to get to a physical therapy program or other types of extra exercise programs.  Exercising helps maintain bone and muscle strength which results in less injuries.

8. No More Lifting!

Some complain about the lifting of the walker that is needed when using a 2-wheeled walker.  With a 4-wheeled walker, no lifting is needed and people have reported less back and arm muscle pain.  Also it saves energy to not have to lift the walker to walk around!

9. Smooth Rides!

Most 4-wheeled rollators have larger wheels in the front.  This makes for a smooth walk over any rough grounds such as walking through grass.

10. Feel Safer!

4-wheeled walkers come with easy to use brakes!  With quick response brakes, it increases the users control making them feel more safe when walking around.

Next time you are looking for a new walker or helping a parent or grandparent pick one out, don’t forget these benefits of a 4-wheel rollator walker!  Featured in the picture on the left is the Basic ToPro walker!  Check it out now at ToPro USA!