Rent a medical rollator walker

Topro USA is now offering walker rentals for the Troja 2G Premium Plus M. If you or your loved one are in need of renting a walker short term, you can now rent a premium quality walker at an affordable cost and for short periods of time. If you like you can also apply your rental cost towards full ownership. We will not charge more than the full value. This is also a great opportunity if you or your loved one just want to try a walker. For some individuals it is easier to agree to use a walker if they think it is temporary. Once they use it, they may find out that it is not that bad to use a walker after all. For many individuals, there is a psychological hurdle to overcome before agreeing to use a walker. Individuals may feel that they are handicapped and do not want to be seen as a walker. There are many reasons why seniors or individuals have a hard time agreeing to use a walker. But now Topro makes it even easier to experiment using a walker or simply bridging time before a walker or rollator is no longer needed at low cost. Renting a walker has never been easier. Simply call Topro at 1 877 222 8805 and Topro will ship one to you. Rates start at $10 a week. Topro walkers come fully assembled and are ready to go in no time. You simply need to adjust the handles to the right height and off you go. Walkers are new and/or refurbished and disinfected after every rental.


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