Month: November 2014

Seabrook 5k/10K – Sat Nov. 15th


P1010009Come join us for a walk along Galveston Bay in the southeastern corner of Harris County, as we stroll through the City of Seabrook’s hike and bike trails.  Come stroll down to Galveston Bay and walk onto the fishing pier.

This is not a speed event. You are encouraged to bring along your children and walk/talk and spend some time together enjoying the great outdoors.  All are welcome to come walk with us.

Start/Finish point and registration:  Miramar Park and Pool Pavilio,  1900 N. Meyer Rd., Seabrook, Texas 77586

START TIME: 9:00 – 12:00.   Walkers must be off trails by 3 p.m.

This is a Volksmarching event and you will need to register to get a start card. We request a $3.00 per person donation to help defray the cost of hosting the event.

When you finish (anytime before 3 p.m.) you turn in your start card. If you…

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Monday-Morning Moving: Play On Your AARP

Thank you Ariana

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

AARP 2By Ariana Arghandewal

Most people think of AARP as a senior-citizens’ organization. While AARP does market itself to people over 50, anyone can join regardless of age. That’s good, since AARP offers some substantial travel discounts. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or take one vacation a year, AARP’s travel discounts can dwarf the $16 annual fee.

Here are some of AARP’s best travel deals, and how to take advantage of them.

AARP 3British Airways Discount: AARP’s most substantial discount by far is the British Airways airfare discount. Members who book round-trip airfare through a designated link get $65 off economy fares, $130 off premium economy, and $400 off business and first-class fares.

The real value here is the $400 premium cabin discount. You may not have $4,000-plus lying around for a first-class ticket, but occasionally British Airways and Virgin Atlantic get into a fare war that results in business-class fares from the West Coast to…

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The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit. Mediocre people sometimes attain amazing success because they don’t know when to quit. We don’t quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing. And boxing champ Bernard Hopkins,50, will quit when he’s wrinkled…

Any man with a wife is used to listening to orders. So when one (or was it all?) of my exes used to ‘order’ me to quit drinking coffee in the morning I would plead: ‘But then I’ll have to drink my bourbon straight!’

No doubt the whole fifth.

At that she would look at me sort of cockeyed — or, at least, after my third cup she/they always seemed that way — and snort: ‘You’ll get used to it…’

Or not…

Hmm… Another devious devil in a red flannel nightgown.

And sometimes I used to challenge the female Lucifer to a wrasslin’ match. With the loser giving up coffee and the winner giving-up ‘sum’. Trouble is, when you wrassle a gorilla you can’t quit when you’re tired. You can only quit when she’s tired.

And without my coffee I am always tired.

Hmm… I think I have a problem…

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