TOPRO donated 300 rollators to the Red Cross



The Norwegian company TOPRO decided to donate their surplus stock of their out fading rollator models to the Red Cross. The Red Cross in the province Oppland in Norway, where TOPRO is located, has had a co-operation with the Red Cross in Central Bosnia for almost 5 years. The donation of rollators is by far the largest donation the Red Cross in Bosnia-Herzegovina has received after the civil war, says Miriam Lovrinovic, leader of the Red Cross in Central Bosnia. The donation has a street value of about € 100 000.

TOPRO’s export manager, Josien Bouwman, was present when the first rollators where handed out in Bosnia. She says it made a big impression on her to see how the rollators changed people’s lives. There are hardly any walking aids available. Those that exist are old and not very useful. The TOPRO rollators will be the property of the Red Cross and lent out to people.


VIDEO: The toll of Alzheimer’s caregiving


Erna Colborn is president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Illinois Chapter. She discusses, at Washington Post Live’s 2013 Caregiving in America forum, the time intensity involved in taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s.

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VIDEO: The toll of Alzheimer’s caregiving

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Family carers – ‘for the love of it’


It is frequently said that family carers are one of the most valuable resources in the health and care sectors. But this is easily said and is often not reflected in the way that health and care services respond to carers’ needs. We will often talk, sometimes with irony, about people doing a job, ‘for the love of it’ rather than for a financial reward and this is literally what most of England’s family carers do. They often sacrifice their own earning potential and life aspirations to care for somebody they love. They co-ordinate multiple hospital appointments, prescription collections, overnight help, and assistance with dressing, feeding, toileting and washing. It’s physically and mentally hard work.

It is no surprise then that significant numbers of family carers go on to have significant physical and mental health problems themselves and that some of them get to the point where they feel unable…

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Living the Healthy Life

Roxie Senior Care Services

Some cities provide people with better health than others. I remember my last trip to Los Angeles. I was on the outskirts of town and I remember seeing the skyline from where I was. I asked a friend of mine, “Why is it so cloudy?” He looked at me with disbelief on this face and said, “That’s not a cloud…it’s smog!” I was shocked because I had never witnessed smog like that first hand. I knew right away that although LA is a great city, it’s probably not one to live in if you want to breathe fresh, clean air on a regular basis.

Remembering this memory made me do a bit of research though because one of the first things my parents told me as they were preparing for their retirement was, “We want to live where the air is fresh!” Where did I go to obtain this information?…

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Here is a guide with some intresting recommendations when it comes to chosing a rollator. There are many models to chose from, but only a few if you want a premium walker or even a true outdoor walker. Educate yourself what your options are for your loved ones, you do not want to buy two rollators. It may be a good idea for a christmas gift to buy your parent a really nice premium rollator from Norway.