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World Record Attempt

Worlds largest Rollator Party

Worlds largest Rollator Party

Ingolstadt, Germany, 5/7/2013

World record attempt for Guinness World Records . 1000 individuals with rollators attempted to construct the world’s largest image of a rollator. Guided by the motto: Record breaking fitness, 1000 people were invited to assemble at city hall plaza to be part of the world’s largest rollator image made up of Europe favorite rollator the Topro 2G and its users. In the end, almost 400 people showed up and it is still being evaluated if this event qualified to be listed by Guinness World Records.

The event was organized to help destigmatize the use of mobility aids and help create awareness around the opportunities of staying mobil and independent at high age. It was initiated by members of the applied sciences group at the FH Ingolstadt and supported by the premium rollator manufacturer Topro. The goal was to improve the acceptance and attractiveness of modern mobility aids amongst young and old. “Nowadays people get older and older and want to continue to participate in daily activities and their lifestyle and hobbies. Mobility is essential”, comments Thomas Appel, Managing Director of Topro Germany. Even today, seniors are skeptical about the use of rollators and walkers. And that despite the developments in technology and design over the last 20 years. The development of rollators has progressed just as other common mobility devices such as bicycles and scooters. Topro manufactures light weight and premium lifestyle mobility aids that help you go further and/or help your loved ones remain active and safe. Topro is also active in other community events such as http://www.walkerday.com, an event to promote safe walker handling.

Original German press release. http://www.topro.de/topro-inhalte/aktuelles/pressemitteilungen/-1-715.html


A Declaration of Love to a Silent Companion

We got together when my knees were getting worse
It was pure enthusiasm
I knew right away that this would be a good fellowship
He is my permanent companion after my knee surgery
Also at the REHA* he got many admirers, because he can make himself so slim
I don’t want to go anywhere without him
Also when I’m shopping I use him all the time
When I travel by bus, I need to help him get on the bus
I feel much safer since I have him
Therefore a big thank you to the designer or developer of my rollatorImage

Home Sweet Home

Trillium HomeCare

As we get older, it’s a good idea to take a closer look at how our homes are set up.  We may need to do some modifications in order to make them safer.  This is true whether we will be staying in our own home during our “golden years” or if we have a parent or an older family member moving in with us at some point.  It makes good sense to modify things before the actual need arises rather than after someone gets disabled.  The goal is to prevent any injuries in our homes that may lead to a loss of independence because we have to move to an assisted living facility or a long-term care facility.

One of the most important areas we need to check is the lighting in the house.  Our eyes need three times more light than we needed as young adults just to see. …

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Ergonomic Gardening



As spring is approaching, we thought it would be a good time to remind you of the importance of ergonomic gardening. By this we mean using proper body mechanics so you do not cause stress or pain when bending or kneeling.

With the growing popularity of eating healthier in this country, home and community gardening is one of the most popular, pleasurable, and beneficial activities in the United States.  Gardening offers many benefits in addition to producing affordable, nutritious food. Gardening strengthens our bones, muscles and cardiovascular systems. It builds stamina, lubricates our joints, and improves our motor abilities and helps us burn calories. However, if not performed properly can cause minor to serious injuries. Here are a couple of tips to help keep you injury free and enjoying your garden in the months to come.

When bending or squatting, keep your knees flexed to utilize your strong leg…

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